Angel\’s Envy distillery anticipates fall open

Angel\’s Envy Distillery

A 43-foot-tall copper still – temporarily covered in white plastic – will soon be visible through large arched windows to southbound interstate traffic traveling near downtown Louisville.

It\’s the first view visitors to the city will have of the $27 million Angel\’s Envy distillery and visitors center, currently under construction at the corner of Jackson and Main streets.

Since breaking ground on the production distillery in 2013, the company has repeatedly changed the facility\’s designs to match an unexpected demand for its bourbon and rye whiskey brands. Now – with only days left until the company\’s fifth birthday – Angel\’s Envy has installed the still and other equipment needed to signal that the years-long construction process is finally near completion.

The complex – which runs between Main and Market streets – dates back to the early 1900s and sat abandoned for nearly 30 years.

Now, exposed brick and a newly-constructed wood beam ceiling greet visitors as they walk into the distillation room, where there\’s space to install additional fermenting tanks once the company ups production.

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