City: City of Lyndon Streetscape


CityLyndonStreetscapeLand Design & Development, Inc. was hired by the City of Lyndon to provide a streetscape & beautification master plan for the city’s central core. The goals of the project were to provide Lyndon with a true main street which would be pedestrian friendly and a visually attractive corridor.

LD&D prepared the conceptual sidewalk master plan that was used to define the streetscape & beautification master plan. This defines the City’s central core which the Lyndon City Council refers to as Old Town Lyndon. To help define Lyndon’s central core, LD&D worked with the Lyndon Legal Council to adopt an ordinance to be incorporated into the design of any redevelopment project within Old Town Lyndon. Utilizing the City of Lyndon/Old Towne Lyndon Streetscape & Beautification Master Plan, LD&D prepared an opinion of costs for the design and explored design alternatives to meet Lyndon’s construction budget. LD&D prepared ADA compliant construction plans, specifications, bid packages, bidding assistance and construction administration.

The project was divided into two phases. Phase I focused on a beautification plan around the City’s clock creating a focal point at the corner of Lyndon’s primary street intersection. Phase II consisted of constructing a streetscape through Old Town Lyndon containing additional street lights, site furnishings and a reconstructed sidewalk. The streetscape incorporated street trees and a unique paving pattern to acknowledge Lyndon’s distinctive history with the railroad.