City: City of Radcliff City Hall


RadcliffCityHallLand Design & Development, Inc. was selected by the City of Radcliff to provide a master plan to reconstruct the City Hall’s parking lot to meet the city’s development requirements and to provide a storm water quality educational tool by incorporating green infrastructure. Any development within the city requires the developer and their engineer to attend meetings at the City Hall building; therefore, providing an opportunity to display how the current development and MS4 requirements could be used in conjunction to provide an environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing project.

LD&D provided a conceptual plan showing possible green infrastructure opportunities for the site. This plan showed several plant species that could be used, summarized the maintenance requirements and detailed several aspects of the proposed green infrastructure. This plan was used to present to the city’s commissioners to secure the funding and was also presented as part of a 319(h) grant application. The grant was approved in 2013 for the 3 acre project and construction is now complete.


Green Infrastructure