City: Jeffersonville Annexation


jeffersonvilleAnnexationLand Design & Development, Inc. was hired by the City of Jeffersonville to provide assistance with their annexation project. The purpose of the project was to provide assistance in determining the correct zoning classifications to be placed on the properties being annexed from the surrounding areas in Clark County, IN.

LD&D researched the Clark County and City of Jeffersonville Zoning ordinances and regulations to determine comparable zoning districts within each document. LD&D also reviewed the individual parcels to be annexed using existing tax maps, GIS mapping and county records. Each site was visited to verify the information from the research and provide quality control. Upon completion of the research, LD&D prepared zoning comparison charts to illustrate the zoning classifications, prepared recommendations and exhibits for public meetings and presentations. LD&D also prepared the final zoning maps for the proposed annexation.

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