MSD: Billtown Road Pump Station




Land Design & Development, Inc. was hired by the Louisville and Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) to assist in the design of a 12 MGD pump station, force main and interceptor sewer that is part of their consent decree to eliminate the Jeffersontown Wastewater Treatment Plant. The project is located in Southern Jefferson County near Floyd’s Fork.

The purpose of the project is to allow the Sewer District to take several pump stations off line that currently pump to the Jeffersontown plant; as well as to eliminate one package treatment plant. The project is part of a larger overall project being constructed by MSD to eliminate the Jeffersontown Wastewater Treatment Plant. This project also involved coordination with the designers of the interceptor sewer both upstream and downstream of our section.

Services for the project included: topographic surveying, property research, easement plats, pump station and force main modeling, plan production, permitting and construction administration. This section of the overall project included construction of a 12 MGD pump station along with 2,800 feet of force main and 3,700 feet of interceptor sewer.