Subdivisions: Heritage Hill


Heritage Hill is a single-family residential development surrounding a Doug Beach designed 18-hole golf course. A conservation area was incorporated into the design along with an extensive hike and bike trail. A clubhouse and an indoor recreational facility are also features of the development. The subdivision consists of 1,181 lots and an 18-hole golf course over 844 acres. Land Design & Development, Inc. served as Project Manager for the Master Drainage and Infrastructure Plan designed for the 844 acre site. The project required planning, coordination and permitting through several local, state, and federal agencies. LD&D also prepared construction plans for the multi-section residential community and golf course. Plans include roadway, storm drainage, sanitary sewer, detention, retention, roadway improvements to existing roadways, erosion prevention and sediment control plans. This project is located along the Salt River in Shepherdsville, Kentucky and had an estimated construction cost of $24 million.